Fraud, games and investments how to detect the difference

Fraud, games and investments how to detect the difference

The Internet is a wonderful source of information both good and bad. There is also a playground with profitable opportunities for demanding and experienced shysters and bluffists. In addition to pornography, one of the most common types of content found on the web can be in the moneymaking category. And I suppose, like six, money has universal appeal!

The starting point for grasping this reality is to realize that greed plays a major role in human nature. Sorry to be so uneven, but it seems we are connected to it. You see this being played over and over again if men and women are fighting for each other to catch the best garments in a crazy sale, or crazy people who buy up to get financially fleeced in some hardhaired pyramid games. The motivation is the same. Something for nothing or almost nothing. And that desire is driven by greed.

If you can accept, you can have a builtin tendency to look for the simple route, to get your hands on easy money and decide it in your decisionmaking then you will be in a much better position to be able to judge more rationally opportunities for moneymaking.

There are two main generic scams that continually circulate on the internet. One is prepayment bluff, and the other is Ponzi or the pyramid program. The first is epitomized by the Nigerian Letter fraud which is essentially a promise of big money in exchange for processing fees to collect the money. This often means that you receive an email indicating that you have either inherited or gained a lot of money, and that you must open an offshore bank account to retrieve it. The strategy is to suck you into the scenario to such an extent that you are emotionally attached to it. Then, when you are asked to pay a fee to make things happen, you are already tied up and share your money without getting a whimper. The promoters then disappear with your money, never to be seen again.

The Ponzi bluff is named after Charles Ponzi who came with the new idea of attracting investors with the promise of very high returns and paid them out of new investors money. In the end, the last investors lost their money, and the whole case was exposed as a complete fraud. Some ponzi systems are very untidy like the original chain letter. You would think we would have gone over that but it will continue to be rebuilt. But most are now more sophisticated, often disguised as an investment with unusually high returns.

In recent years, such ponzis have sharpened their actions and present themselves with smart and professional websites credible formulation and an attractive sales level. The primary hook, in addition to the promised returns, is the referral fee if you recommend others. This way, the modern ponzi can exploit the viral marketing power of the internet in ways that are impossible in the middle of ages.

Now I do not mind people who play money games as such thats their money, provided they know the rules of the game and understand the risks. You see, I like that people should be allowed to do what they like with their own money. But when you remove supervisory supervision, you must take responsibility for your own decisions and realize what you are coming into.

If you are aware of the risks, its like playing where there are clear winners and losers. However, it seems that some people can not distinguish the difference between games in all its forms, a ponzi and an investment. And this fact is often used by the authorities as an excuse for adopting laws to protect people from themselves.

For example, it is important to distinguish between ponzi systems and games. And that should not be difficult. Games involve taking a bet in a game of money with clear rules and guidelines on who will become a winner. Happiness is the usual arbitrator in games and this is handled in different ways. It may be Lotto, where numbers are drawn from a barrel; It can be a lottery where a person has the tour number; or it may be horse racing or sports where you bet on the outcome of the race be shape and happiness both play a role. The point is that in gaming you know there will be winners and losers, and you know how it will be determined. You have complete information

Not so with a pyramid or ponzi. If a ponzi is disguised as an investment, it is likely to offer high returns to appeal to greed and use reference fees to make people spread the word. Now its clear that everyone who goes with may say 10%, 20% or even 100% per month on their money. But the truth is, only the early birds will get the worm and go away with loot. Why? Because the money to pay off the promised returns comes from the new players, and so little

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